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Better Hearing and Speech Month 2023

We are planning something BIG for May is Better Hearing and Speech Month 2023 and you're invited. Join the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association - Newfoundland and Labrador for 4 FREE webinars about hearing health.

Our May 2023 Events have ended. Please check out our YouTube channel to view the recorded webinars.

Linking the Brain and Hearing Health

Maintaining brain health throughout our lifespan is a topic of particular interest as our population demographics change and demand for improved quality of life rises. Recent research has found significant connections between hearing well and long-term brain health. This presentation will review and summarize some of the more recent research, describe how it is changing and shifting hearing healthcare delivery and make recommendations as to what we can do to support our hearing health.

Click here to watch the recording:

Understanding the Importance of Treating Hearing Loss

Jillian answers some of the most common questions about starting YOUR hearing health journey:

  • Why should I worry about my hearing: A review of health conditions related to hearing loss

  • Who should I see and why: A review of hearing healthcare professionals, their education and scope of practice.

  • What to expect during the hearing evaluation process? Understanding my hearing loss.

  • Hearing aids 101: Understanding hearing aids and the nuts and bolts of what they can and cannot do.

  • The importance of follow-up and why the use of best practices ensures a successful journey to better hearing.

  • The rehabilitative journey to better hearing health with hearing aids: The importance of realistic expectations, adjusting to my new devices, and the importance of consistent use.

Click here to watch the recording:

Introduction to Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) is a type of strategy that can be used to manage symptoms of tinnitus though a combination of counseling and sound therapy. Learn about the history of TRT and why it is still of interest after over 30 years with Dr. Pawel Jastreboff, creator of TRT, Founder and CEO of Jastreboff Hearing Disorders Foundation, Inc.

Click here to watch the recording:

Listen and Learn: Supporting Hard of Hearing Children

This session will give an introduction to the Listen and Learn educational program for caregivers and educators of young children with hearing loss. This program was developed in partnership with Stacey Welsh, and aims to empower families of young children with hearing loss to create a language-rich environment for optimal communication development.

Click here to watch the recording:


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