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ARC Achievement Program

The ARC Achievement Program is open to hard of hearing youth in grades 10-12 who live in Newfoundland and Labrador. The core goal of ARC is to help teens develop a variety of skills, including Advocacy, Readiness, and Connections. Through these three components of the program, we hope that we can help hard of hearing youth to be strong, confident and empowered future leaders.

This program is hosted entirely online, with no weekly commitment. A program schedule will be sent to registered participants at the beginning of the program, listing the dates, times and topics. Youth are encouraged to choose which topics they are interested and which workshops they wish to attend. Most of this program can be done at the participant's own pace through the program's online platform!

The most significant and exciting incentive for youth who register and complete the ARC Program is a $500 monetary award for each successfully completed year of the program. Teens who complete each of the three levels (years) in the ARC Achievement Program have the opportunity to earn up to $1500! This monetary award will be issued in the form of a cheque, meaning that it can be used as a scholarship, put towards purchasing hearing technology, or saved in preparation for the future!


Register now for ARC in Fall 2023

Registration for the ARC Achievement Program is NOW open for the program's start in October of 2023. Please click the button below to register.


Are you looking for more information about the program or wondering if it is right for you? Contact Ashley, the program facilitator by email:

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