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Welcome to ARC!

The ARC Achievement Program is open to hard of hearing youth in grades 10-12 who live in Newfoundland and Labrador. The core goal of ARC is to help teens develop a variety of skills, including Advocacy, Readiness, and Connections. Through these three components of the program, we hope that we can help hard of hearing youth to be strong, confident and empowered future leaders.

The most significant and exciting incentive for youth who register and complete the ARC Program is a $500 monetary award for each successfully completed year of the program. Teens who complete each of the three levels (years) in the ARC Achievement Program have the opportunity to earn up to $1500! When the participant graduates from high school, monetary awards are presented in the form of a cheque.

It pays to enroll early: students who register in grade 10 and complete all three levels of the program are eligible to receive the maximum award of $1500. Those who register in grade 12 are only able to complete one level of the program before graduation and are only eligible for a $500 award.

ARC program can be completed entirely online. Thanks to our virtual course shell and community, participants are able to complete activities from anywhere with an internet connection. Most sessions are recorded and posted online, alongside questions and activities to earn points.


Register now for ARC in Fall 2023

Registration for the ARC Achievement Program is NOW open for the program's start in October of 2023. Please click the button below to register.


Meet Marta, the Coordinator of ARC!

Marta is the Coordinator of Education and Resources at CHHA-NL. She has many years of experience working with children and youths in various educational and therapeutic settings. Marta holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from York University, as well as a Master of Education in Educational Psychology and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Studies from Mount Saint Vincent University.


Are you looking for more information about the program or wondering if it is right for you? Contact Marta, the program coordinator by email:


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