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A Laughing Matter

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A positive attitude - despite suffering from Meniere's Disease, Tinnitus, Tensor Tympani, and hearing loss - is how Sherry and the whole Hudson family cope.   Read more of Sherry's story here.

Coping with Meniere's Disease

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Discover one woman’s experience with Meniere's Disease, how she learned to cope with the disorder and how the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association - Newfoundland and Labrador helped.

Read Our Lips: Learn To Lipread Online

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Introducing a NEW opportunity to learn lip (speech) reading online. Improving your ability to "see" what someone is saying helps to improve communication in everyday life, especially at times when there is background noise, like in coffee shops, restaurants, at family gatherings, and in meetings.    

What Is Hearing Loss?

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Many people think that hearing loss means that you cannot hear, however, hearing loss is not being able to clearly understand what you hear. Hearing loss sounds differently for everyone.

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