To assist students with obtaining Hearing Assistive Technology for use in post-secondary, The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association- NL (CHHA-NL) now sells select classroom and student hearing assistive technology. This program is also available to  K-12 students.

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador provides hearing aids through the Provincial Hearing Aid Program to post-secondary students who maintain full-time enrollment status in their program. In many cases hearing technology (hearing aids, Cochlear Implants, etc.) are not enough for students to understand instruction in the classroom, especially in post-secondary (in-person classes and online). Many students require hearing assistive technology such as an FM System that is linked with their hearing technology. Some of these systems can be quite costly for students. Fortunately, there is funding available through the Student Aid program for students that qualify.

To assist students with the process of purchasing of Hearing Assistive Technology , the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association now sells technology from the following companies: Oticon, Phonak, and Front Row

Please click on the link below for the price list for the 2021-2022 school year.

How to purchase technology for school

  1. First, the student consults with their audiologist on which assistive technology will work with their hearing technology (hearing aids, cochlear implants, etc.).The audiologist will then inform the student of  technology  suitable for the classroom. Students can then contact the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association- NL to obtain a quote.
  2. The quote is usually emailed to the student including the total cost of the technology. This serves as supportive documentation for funding applications. The student has no obligation to purchase through CHHA-NL. Some of the benefits of purchasing through CHHA-NL is:
    • all Hearing Assistive Technology is tax free
    • shipping is complimentary to the CHHA-NL office (however, shipping direct to a student’s home is available for an additional charge)
    • If Hearing Assistive Technology purchased through CHHA-NL is back ordered or needs to be repaired, in most cases, a free loaner will be provided.
  3. Students can place their technology order with CHHA-NL online or in-person. When their order arrives, the student will be contacted to arrange for pick up or delivery to the student (additional shipping fee applies).

Contact our provincial office for more information on each product, to arrange for a quote or to purchase:

     Phone: 1-888-753-3224 ext. 228, Email:

Payment methods :

In-person: cash, money order, Debit, Visa, and Mastercard,

By phone: Visa, and Mastercard,

Through emailed invoice:  Visa, Mastercard or Visa Debit

100% of the profit from each sale goes toward the operation of the CHHA-NL Hearing Assistive Technology Lending Program which includes Post-Secondary loan items.  

To visit our loans page click here: 

Post-secondary students diagnosed with permanent hearing loss and other disabilities (by student aid definition) may be eligible for:

  • extra time to complete their program
  • a smaller, more manageable course load
  • additional grant funding

Additional funding available for post-secondary students with permanent hearing loss may include:

  • Canada Student Grants for Students with Permanent Disabilities  (CSG-PD)
    • funding to help with costs Associated with living accommodations, tuition and books the first time a student applies for student aid (The amount is $4000 if applied for the 2021-2022 school year). A verification of eligibility form is required the first time a student applies for student aid.
  • Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment (CSG-PDSE)
    • funding of up to $20,000 per school year (2021-2022) to help cover the costs of education expenses related to hearing loss or other disabilities. An application for grant for services and equipment for students with disabilities must be completed and submitted.
  • Grant for High Need Students
    • additional funding available to students who cannot be accommodated by the funding limit of the Canada Student Grant for services and Equipment.

A student must apply for Student Aid and qualify for at least $1 of student aid in order to be eligible for these grants. For more information on these programs and how to apply, please click on the appropriate box below:


For more information on how to prepare for transitioning to post-secondary when you have hearing loss visit: 

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