What can I do about wind noise?

You will gradually learn to protect the microphone from the direct blast of the wind, but it will always be troublesome. A wind screen may help. Ask your dispenser if he has one for your particular type of aid.

Why does the earmould hurt my ear?

You may not be inserting it properly, or it may need to be refitted. Discuss this problem with the dispenser who fitted the earmould. Do Not Accept An Earmould That Hurts.

Why does my hearing aid make background noises louder?

A hearing aid amplifies every sound within range of the microphone, including background noise. You will probably be able to train your mind to block out the noise and concentrate on speech and the meaningful sounds you want to hear. If noise continues to bother you, discuss the problem with your dispenser. When your aid is adjusted properly, you have the best chance of separating speech you want to hear from unwanted background noise. It is also possible – though not likely – that your hearing impairment is of a type that makes it impossible for you to adjust to amplified sound. Some hearing aids are designed especially for people who may be distressed by sudden high-level sounds. These aids are said to provide compression, clipping or limiting. (These processes differ somewhat.) The maximum intensity is controlled. This has the effect of permitting higher amplification to be used to bring low-level sounds into the range where you hear them most clearly. This may have the effect of making background noise more prominent.

Should I wear my aid full time?

You don’t have to, particularly if you have a very mild hearing impairment. But if you want to get the most benefit from the aid you will wear it as much as you can within the limits of comfort and convenience. Why do people raise their voices when they see my hearing aid? It is natural for people to try to help you. If you ask them to speak in a normal, conversational tone they will quickly forget that you are wearing an aid.

Can I do anything to reduce clothing noises in my body-worn aid?

Try wearing soft, unstarched garments such as cotton fabrics in contact with the aid. A hearing aid carrier garment may reduce the noise considerably. If the noise is too troublesome, consult your dispenser.

My aid feels bulky behind my ear.

A behind-the-ear aid may feel bulky at first, because you are not used to it. But it is quite light, and has been contoured to fit your ear, so you will probably get used to it in a few days.

I feel a fullness in my ear when I wear my aid.

You may be feeling the air trapped between the tip of the ear mold and your eardrum, or you may have wax in your external ear canal. If the sensation continues to bother you, the dispenser can probably alter the mold and relieve the problem.

How can I overcome my embarrassment when I wear my aid?

After a little while you will probably regard your aid as one of your most valued possessions, as essential as eyeglasses to those who have problems with vision. Once you discover the advantages of your aid, you’ll forget it is there – except when you stop to appreciate the listening benefits it provides you.

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