Bringing Sounds Back Within Your Hearing Range


There are many different ways to aid your hearing.  Treatment will depend on the type and degree of hearing loss along with other individual factors.  The most common treatment for hearing loss is hearing aids.

There is a great selection of attractive styles and functionality available in hearing aid technology today.  Each will vary in cost, size, fitting, functionality and ability to connect to other devices.  You are your hearing care professional will choose the most appropriate hearing device for you based on your personal preferences, degree and configuration of hearing loss and lifestyle. Hearing Technology

Forget your impressions of hearing aids ten years ago. Today, hearing aid technology gives you more control over how you listen and are programmed based on your own individual hearing loss and lifestyle.  They give the hearing care professional the ability to program and customize the settings that match your hearing needs and lifestyle.  In addition, hearing aids now adjust to suit different listening environments and allow you to connect with other devices and technology.

“As someone who has made the journey through several drops in hearing, my advice to those who have hearing loss is that it is very important to treat your hearing.  Hearing loss can be improved, often significantly”. – John

Choosing The Right Technology For You

When choosing the best hearing technology for you, you and your hearing care professional should consider the following:

  • the results of your hearing test(s)
  • the shape of your ear and ear canal
  • your lifestyle and wishes
  • if you have had previous hearing aid experience
  • if you need to hear in specific environments or settings (meetings, sports, concerts, etc)
  • if your hearing has changed
  • if you would like to connect to other devices (TV, mobile phone, etc)
  • cosmetics and comfort
  • budget

You may also be a candidate for implantable hearing solutions which can be discussed with your hearing care professional.

Two Are Better Than One

If an individual has usable hearing and word understanding it is widely agreed that two hearing aids are better than one.

The benefits of wearing two hearing aids include:

  • Better ability to understand speech in normal and noisy listening environments
  • Better sense of sound balance because sound is improved in both ears
  • Better ability to determine the direction of sound and focus on the sound source
  • Lower volume setting requirements
  • More natural sound quality
  • Both ears will “stay in shape”

“Before I accepted I had a hearing loss, I ignored the signs and avoided situations I found difficult or I suffered in silence.  I felt frustrated and alone.  Now that I have adjusted to my hearing aids, I feel reborn.  I no longer stay at home when I could be out having fun with my family and friends” – Patti

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