What Is A Personal Listening Device?

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A personal listening device is an amplifier that benefits many individuals with reduced hearing.

A reduction in your hearing can be so gradual that you may not notice changes.¬† Friends or family members are often the first ones to point out that you aren’t hearing as well as you used to.

Some Common Signs That Amplification May Be Needed

  • You sometimes misunderstand what was said.
  • You have difficulty following conversations, especially when more than one person is speaking or there is background noise, such as at family gatherings, or in restaurants.
  • You can hear that someone is speaking but you can’t understand what they are saying (words don’t sound clear).
  • People sound like they are mumbling when they speak to you.
  • Friends or family members notice that you don’t seem to be hearing as well as you used to.



What Is A Personal Listening Device?

The listener amplifies sound and reduces background noise while using a small box with a strong microphone, and listening with a headset, earbuds or neckloop.

Volume is adjusted using a simple control wheel.

personal listening device

How Can A Personal Listening Device Help?

  • It is an excellent introduction to see the benefits of an amplification device first-hand.
  • Works well for one-on-one conversation, or small groups where people are speaking one at a time.
  • Easy to use and understand. A great way for individuals with difficulty using small hearing aids to experience the benefits of amplification.
  • Can be used in healthcare environments and other similar interactions to ensure that information has been clearly communicated to patients.

Borrowing Amplification

Live in Newfoundland and Labrador and interested in trying a personal amplification device?

Borrow technology from anywhere in the Province for FREE for a short period of time, allowing you to test out products to be sure of their benefit, before purchasing from a retail outlet.  Information on purchasing devices is also available.

For more information, or to set up an appointment with a Hearing Loss Support Specialist at the CHHA-NL, please connect with us.

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