Volunteer Week 2018 – Celebrate The Value of Volunteering

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Volunteer Week 2018 is being celebrated from April 15-21 this year and we would like to recognize the value of one of our volunteers, Katie.

Volunteering is an experience that can really create value for both the volunteer and the Association, Katie has been an asset to our front desk one day per week, and also volunteered her time for a full day at the Association’s recent World Hearing Day hearing screenings.

Katie’s time at the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – Newfoundland and Labrador (CHHA-NL) has been valuable for her as well.  Read on to learn more about Katie and her volunteer work with the CHHA-NL.

“I began volunteering with CHHA-NL in March of 2017 and I was helping by writing articles. In September I began volunteering regularly in the office, helping with special events, fundraising campaigns, and administration duties on the front desk.”

Before volunteering with CHHA-NL, did you have any experience with hearing loss?

“I had some experience with hard of hearing people before I started volunteering, my grandmother wore hearing aids. From her I learned how I needed to adjust how I communicate and how to suit it to her needs.”

What are your career plans?

“I am finishing my Masters in History and have been accepted into the Audiology program this Fall at Dalhousie University. I am really excited to be starting this program and will be applying for the CHHA-NL Audiology Scholarship!”

Did you have your mind made up about pursuing a career in Audiology before you started volunteering with CHHA-NL?

“Not really, I had just decided I no longer wanted to do education and I was considering law school and speech language pathology. While I looked into speech language pathology I saw information about Audiology programs too and I thought it sounded like it was something I might like. So I emailed Andrea to see about volunteering with CHHA-NL so I could get a better sense of what the environment might look like if I became an audiologist. After a few months of volunteering with people with hearing loss, I decided to pursue audiology.“

What did you like most about volunteering with CHHA-NL?

“Exposure to the hard of hearing community and learning about supports and technology available to them. It is interesting to see how technology is progressing, like how hearing aids can link with cell phones”.

What is your favorite memory from volunteering at CHHA-NL?

“On World Hearing Day, I was volunteering at the front desk juggling everything and all the people coming for hearing screenings. An older woman came in very disoriented and a little panicked. She said she was unsure if she was in the right place but lately she was noticing her television sounded different all of a sudden and was afraid she might be losing her mind. I registered the lady for the hearing screening and assured her she was in the right place. After she had her hearing screening she told me she wasn’t losing her mind, she just (likely) needs hearing aids. She looked so happy and relieved, she gave me a hug and said thank you.”


The staff here at the CHHA-NL wish Katie all the best with her audiology program at Dalhousie!

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at CHHA-NL, please get in touch.



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