Meet Zoe: A High School Student with Hearing Loss

Meet Zoe: A High School Student with Hearing Loss

Hi, I’m Zoe, a high school student who loves competitive swimming and drama. I am a volunteer at CHHA-NL, and I’m also involved with the Toastmasters group, which is pretty entertaining.

Toastmasters is a group that is helpful in learning social skills, and can be informative. There are weekly meetings and honestly, at first, I wasn’t really into it, but after I got to know the other people that were in the group, it became fun. There were a lot of ice-breaker games that helped and as cliché as it sounds, it has changed for me, and I have made some good friends in this group.

I was born with a profound hearing loss, and I have cochlear implants in both ears. I can’t exactly say how my hearing loss would be life changing because I have always had it. Hearing loss can sometimes be hard, but it doesn’t mean it is a bad thing to have. It can be difficult to hear or understand other people at times, but you quickly get over that. There can be good things you can get out of having a hearing loss, too, such as meeting others who have hearing loss or learning how to lip-read.

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