Madeline and Ava

Madeline and Ava

Imagine yourself as a 9 year old.
Every day you wake up, put on your hearing aids and go to school.
You are the only one at your school who wears hearing aids.  This is Madeline.

For the first time, Madeline attends a Summer Camp for children with hearing loss and their families.
As soon as she arrives at camp, she sees another girl around the same age as her, and she wears hearing aids too! This is Ava. They become instant friends.

Madeline and Ava don’t live in the same community, but when they leave camp, their Moms make plans for them to get together again. They are already excited to attend camp next year.
This is the experience for many children each year at the “Summer is Hear” families camp in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Children like Madeline and Ava, ages 5-12, and their families are given a unique opportunity to come together for one weekend each Summer.

Every year, children learn important life skills, social skills, communication skills from older mentors with hearing loss, all while taking part in games and activities in a fun and supportive environment.
Parents and families also have a chance to learn from one another, and from teens and adults who have grown up with hearing loss themselves in a relaxed place, where family, friends and learning are the focus.
Most importantly, children and families are given encouragement, strength, support and the chance to create important lifelong friendships. Learn more about the annual “Summer is Hear” camp for hard of hearing children, and their families in Newfoundland and Labrador.


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