Read Our Lips: Learn To Lipread Online

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Read Our Lips: An Online Lip (Speech) Reading Course

Introducing a NEW opportunity to learn lip (speech) reading online.

Do you ever struggle to hear in a crowded, noisy room?

Do you miss parts of what friends, family or coworkers are saying and wish that you could easily put the pieces together?

Do you have hearing loss, and wish that communication could be easier?

Read Our Lips can help by teaching you how to read lip and mouth movements, an important part of speechreading.

Speechreading Involves:

  • Learning and watching for important movements of the mouth (lips, jaws, teeth, tongue)
  • Interpretation of facial expressions
  • Interpretation of body language
  • Gathering clues provided by context
  • The ability to infer or “fill in the blanks”

Improving your ability to “see” what someone is saying helps to improve communication in everyday life, especially at times when there is background noise, like in coffee shops, restaurants, at family gatherings, and in meetings.    

Read Our Lips - Learn To Lip Read Online

Learn Lip (speech) reading ONLINE With Read Our Lips

The Read Our Lips online course consists of 8 interactive Lessons with Word Practice, Sentence Practice, and more!

What makes Read Our Lips perfect?

  • Great for beginners and those looking to practice their skills
  • Works on computers, tablets and smartphones (with high speed internet access)
  • Available anywhere in the world
  • Captioned video lessons for hearing accessibility
  • Self-paced (learn and practice at your own pace)
  • Easy to use
  • Repeat content as much as you want
  • Instructor available during regular business hours by email or phone
  • Includes certificate of completion

Sound Like The Perfect Course For You?

Create an account today to try part of Lesson 1 for FREE! The free preview does not require a credit card and will show you exactly what to expect for each Lesson.

The Read Our Lips course is only $49 (CAD) which covers all 8 interactive Lessons. Sign up now, speechreading is for YOU!



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