Practice Lipreading with Read Our Lips

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Practice Lipreading

You now have the perfect course to help you practice lipreading skills. Read Our Lips was designed for beginners and previously trained lip readers alike, including 8 video lessons taught by an experienced instructor so you are sure to get the practice you are looking for.

Lipreading, like any new skills, takes practice and patience but with this great online course to support you and by bringing your skills with you each day, you can be lipreading like a pro in no time!


Practice Lipreading


Here are 8 reasons why Read Our Lips is the perfect course to guide you in your lipreading practice:


1. Read Our lips is accessible anywhere that has access to high speed internet.
You can practice lipreading from your home, a coffee shop, or even while on vacation.


2. The Read Our Lips course is easy to navigate.

This course is easy to navigate and understand.  All of the course instructions are provided, along with a helpful customer service team.


3. Each online lesson has videos teaching you the basics of each lip movement – it’s a great refresher.
This course gives you an introduction to the basics of key lip and mouth movements which you need to become a successful lipreader. The lip and mouth movements you will practice in the Read Our Lips online course are important ones being used in your daily life. 


4. There are 8 lessons in this course.
By providing you with 8 lessons, and therefore, eight different lip movements we are setting you up for success. We provide you with the basics, without being overwhelming.  You can practice at your own pace at times that are convenient for you. 


5. Test your knowledge with quizzes at the end of each section.
Testing your knowledge is important and part of practicing lipreading is watching over and over until you start to recognize certain lip and mouth movements. The quizzes will help you understand which lip movements you may need to practice a little more.


6. Read our Lips provides you with extra information on hearing loss.
Throughout the online course there are tidbits of information about hearing loss, hearing technology, and other related topics that you may not have previously learned, so go ahead and learn with us!


7. Read Our Lips is taught by an experienced instructor.
Your course instructor, Alison Butler, has worked at the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – Newfoundland & Labrador (CHHA-NL) for over 14 years. She is an experienced speech (lip) reading instructor.  We are here to support your learning no matter where you live in the world!


8. Based on years of knowledge and experience
The CHHA-NL offers a respected lipreading class at its Provincial office and Read Our Lips is based on years of adapting this class to best suit the needs of different learners and brings all of the best elements of the class to you online with lots of opportunity to practice your skills.


Do you want to learn more about Read Our Lips? Check out the Read Our Lips blog Here!

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