Are You Noise Aware?


Are you Noise Aware?

Loud Noise is Dangerous for your Hearing. You can prevent noise-induced hearing loss at home, work and at play by being noise aware and using hearing protection.

Everyday Noise Can Cause Hearing Loss

Imagine being unable to hear your favourite music or conversation with family and friends. Protecting your hearing plays an important role. Hearing damage from loud noise is invisible, but here’s the reality. Exposure to loud noise “ages” your hearing, leading to hearing challenges at an earlier age, such as:

  • Problems hearing and following conversations
  • Problems hearing on the telephone
  • Problems hearing at social gatherings and in noise
  • Tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ear)

41% of Canadians aged 3 to 79 have experienced tinnitus (hissing, buzzing, ringing, rushing or roaring sounds in the ears). Among these people, 1 in 5 reported that the tinnitus was severe enough that it affected their sleep, concentration, or mood. – Statistics Canada

Are you noise aware? average everyday noise exposures for everyday activities such as a lawnmower, earbuds and hunting rifle

Noise At Home & At Play

Nearly 50% of people ages 12-35 years in middle and high-income countries listen to unsafe levels of sound through personal audio devices (MP3 players, smartphones, and others)World Health Organization

Noise Aware - listening to music at a high volume can cause permanent hearing damage

Around 40% of people ages 12-35 years in middle and high-income countries are exposed to potentially damaging levels of sound at nightclubs, bars and sporting events.World Health Organization


Noise Tips For Parents

Use the Noise Tips for Parents page to find out how you can protect your kids from hearing damage, including: tips for safer listening, tips for choosing hearing protection for your child, and information on borrowing and purchasing child-sized hearing protection.

Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable.

Use the guidelines below for a better idea of when and where hearing protection should be used.


Noise Meter


What Can You Do To Protect Your Hearing?


Noise Aware


Noise At Work

42% of Canadians aged 16 to 79 years have worked or currently work in an environment where it is required to speak in a raised voice to communicate with someone standing an arm’s length away. Among these individuals, 22% always used hearing protection, while 39% never did. The remaining 39% used hearing protection often, sometimes, or rarely. – Statistics Canada

What can you do to be more noise aware at work?

  • Be aware of noise at your workplace – exposure to noise is a serious workplace health hazard.
  • Follow the noise safety guidelines and procedures for your job.
  • Wear appropriate hearing protection (personal protective equipment) at work for the job and noise level.
  • Ensure that you understand how to properly fit and wear your hearing protection (earplugs or earmuffs) at work – incorrect fit means that noise can still damage your hearing.
  • Use Noise Safety Toolbox Resources for work, including videos, posters and handouts.
  • Book a workplace noise safety & awareness presentation for your workplace.

Want to Learn More About Noise & Your Hearing?

Visit our How Loud is Too Loud page for FREE noise awareness posters, and much more.

Having Trouble With Your Hearing Because of Noise?

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – Newfoundland and Labrador can provide you with information and resources for better hearing at home, work and play.

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