Hearing Loss: Learn At Home

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Learn Something New With CHHA-NL

We have put together a list of some of CHHA-NL’s top online resources to help you keep your mind active during COVID-19 self-isolation.

Read, watch and interact with these 5 excellent tools for learning


Now is the perfect time to watch a recorded Webinar (all are captioned for hearing accessibility)

Topics include:

  • Better Hearing At Work For Employers & Employees
  • Understanding Hearing Loss For Health & Helping Professionals
  • Introduction To Tinnitus & Meniere’s Disease
  • Hearing Loss & Aging
  • I Think My Loved One Has Hearing Loss…Now What?

2. Connect With Others and Practice Your Lipreading / Speechreading Skills 

The Lipreading Community is a free space on Facebook hosted by Read Our Lips for anyone around the world to connect to talk about speechreading and lipreading skills. The CHHA-NL staff team is sharing tools, resources and some online practice in the group.

Now is also a great time to learn or practice your lipreading skills with the Read Our Lips online program.  Build your skills with 8 self-paced online lessons, perfect for improving communication in background noise!



3. Connect With A Resource Group Online

Connect with others online by joining one of the CHHA-NL Resource Group Facebook groups below.

Cochlear Implant Resource Group

Meniere’s & Tinnitus Resource Group

Families of Hard of Hearing Children Resource Group

Young Adults (18-39) Resource Group


4. Watch This Short Film – The Journey To Better Hearing
In this film, you will meet Dora, Betty, Alex and Bob as they candidly share their experiences with hearing loss, the impact hearing loss has had on their lives and advice for other seniors living with hearing loss, their families and friends. This film is a must-see for seniors, their families and friends, seniors groups, healthcare professionals, social workers, policy makers, and the public in general. After viewing this film, the audience should have a better understanding of hearing loss in the senior population and the importance of identifying and treating the loss.



5. Learn More About Your Hearing, and Hearing Loss

How much do you know about your hearing?  What exactly is hearing loss anyway?

Are you following these keys to successfully living with hearing loss?

Do you know how to be a good communicator? Do you follow these tips?

Do you know how to prevent hearing loss? Are you noise aware?

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