1 in 5 adult Canadians experience hearing challenges that can affect everyday communication. This indicates that hearing loss affects EVERY workplace whether it be employees, managers, co-workers, or clients/customers you interact with. The key to a successful work environment is EDUCATION and AWARENESS of hearing loss.


Watch the captioned webinar video below to find out how you can make your workplace more hearing accessible for EVERYONE.

  •  Identifying barriers in your workplace that make hearing difficult
  •  Good communication habits
  •  Simple technology that can make the workplace more hearing accessible
  •  Easy solutions for a more hearing friendly workplace for everyone including clients and customers



Updated Information Provided In This Recording: Online lipreading classes are now available.  Visit 

PRINTABLE HANDOUT: Making The Workplace Hearing Accessible


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Hearing Loss & COVID-19 Resources

Social (Physical) Distancing has presented unique barriers for individuals with hearing loss. The inability to Speech (Lip) Read due to masks and the challenge in hearing well at 2 metre distance, through glass barriers, and through virtual forms of communication.

Many employees with hearing loss have had to adapt to new challenges while working and thinking “out of the box” for solutions. Here is a video and article for possible solutions during pandemics. Video: Surviving the Pandemic with Hearing Loss,” Gael Hannan. Article: Hearing Loss & COVID-19.

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