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Date September 1, 2019 -

“Read Our Lips” – Coming Soon

Introducing A NEW Opportunity To Learn Lipreading Online.

Start as a beginner, or use the online class to practice and build your skills.

Do you ever struggle to hear in a crowded, noisy room? 

Do you miss parts of what friends, family or coworkers are saying and wish that you could easily put the pieces together? 

Do you have hearing loss, and wish that communication could be easier? 

Learning to read lip and mouth movements, an important part of speechreading, can help to make everyday communication easier.  

Speechreading Involves:

  • Learning and watching for important movements of the mouth (lips, jaws, teeth, tongue)
  • Interpretation of facial expressions
  • Interpretation of body language
  • Gathering clues provided by context
  • The ability to infer or “fill in the blanks”

If you have hearing loss, speechreading can help you “fill in the blanks” if you are missing out on certain sounds, or words.  

Improving your ability to “see” what someone is saying helps to improve communication in everyday life, especially at times when there is background noise, like in coffee shops, restaurants, at family gatherings, and in meetings.    

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – Newfoundland and Labrador is offering a NEW class ONLINE. 

Learn Lipreading ONLINE With “Read Our Lips”

What will the “Read Our Lips” online class be like?

  • learn through 8 comprehensive video lessons with practice words, sentences, and other resources.
  • video lessons with captioning for hearing accessibility
  • self-paced (learn or practice at your own pace, repeat content as much as you want).
  • easy to use.
  • available to you from anywhere in the world (with high speed internet access).
  • learn from a computer or tablet in the comfort of your own home or at a local library.
  • an instructor will be available by e-mail or phone for troubleshooting during regular business hours.
  • includes a certificate of completion.
  • perfect for beginners, or those looking to practice their skills.
  • cost $50 Canadian ~ $37 US for the complete online class.

Sound Like The Perfect Class For You?

This brand new online class is launching in mid 2019.

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