Join The Cochlear Implant Resource Group For A Tour of The Rooms

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Join The Group on a Tour of The Rooms


Practice Connecting Your Cochlear Implant to a Group Listening System for a Guided Tour

(those considering a CI can also use a listening system for tour amplification)

October 27th, 2017
1:00 – 2:30 PM

The Rooms
9 Bonaventure Ave, St. John’s

Meet The Group in the Main Lobby

Admission: $11.50 for Seniors and $15 for adults

Don’t forget to bring your CI Remote

Please RSVP by Oct. 23rd to Brittany

Phone: 753-3224

Parking Information: 

 Paid parking will be in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a fee of two dollars an hour. Parking is free to Members of The Rooms.

Visitor parking can be accessed from Bonaventure Avenue and from Fort Townshend via Harvey Road. Parking payment terminals are located at each parking lot exit and inside The Rooms lobby. Parking lot payment terminals accept Visa and Mastercard. The payment terminal located in The Rooms lobby accepts Visa, Mastercard, debit and cash. Enter the main parking lot via Bonaventure Avenue. Overflow parking is available via Harvey Road.

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